When you wake up every morning are you
focused and ready to take on the world?

Do you have REAL energy
all throughout your day?

Alive and Well
Alive and Well

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Do you feel tired a lot of the time?

Is your energy often low? Do you have to push yourself throughout your day?

Life can be demanding and stressful.

And using harmful stimulants, like too much caffeine, can create health challenges like insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and more.

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Forrest Belmont, Personal Trainer & Athlete

Energetic Middle-Aged Woman

Alive and Well™ provides you with energy without giving you the jitters!

The Premium Nutrition line of nutritional supplements was established in 1986. And since 1988, Alive and Well™ has been supporting 1,000’s of teenagers and adults.

Alive and Well™ rebuilds what artificial stimulants and the stresses of life tear down.

A Masterful Formulation of the
Highest Quality Natural Ingredients

There’s no other formulation from any company, anywhere in the world, that is like Alive and Well™. It is completely unique and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Our Customers Share Their Results

"I am now able to go throughout my day without feeling tired."

“I was feeling cold in my body and feeling very tired about halfway through the day. Since taking 6 Alive and Well™ capsules each day, my body temperature has become normal and I am now able to go throughout my day without feeling tired.”

Martha N., Medical Assistant, Seattle Washington

"I have more energy and feel calmer throughout the day."

“I am no longer dependent on caffeine to make it through the day. I know my adrenal glands are stronger, I have more energy and feel calmer throughout the day.
I am a real skeptic and this not only surprised me but reinforced the fact for me that Alive and Well™ food concentrates are really superior.”

Michael T., Seattle WA

"Wow, what a difference!"

“For years I couldn’t sleep without medication or melatonin. I started taking Alive and Well™ capsules every day. Wow, what a difference! I sleep more soundly and when I wake up I feel like I really slept. I love Alive and Well™ capsules!”

Toni K., Lynnwood WA

What You Will Receive

How Your Trial Pack Will Work

  • With your 20-Day Trial Pack for $19.95, you’ll discover how Alive and Well™ can help you, how many capsules per day work for you, and how this proven supplement can help to rebuild your energy from the inside out.
  • Your 20-Day Trial Pack is 120 capsules and normally sells for $62.95, a $43.00 savings! At 6 capsules per day, it is a 20-day supply.
  • By ordering your 20-Day Trial Pack you will gain Preferred Customer status.
  • Approximately 12 days after you purchase your 20-Day Trial Pack we will process your credit card for $69.95 + 3.95 shipping and handling and ship your regular 30-day supply of Alive and Well™, which is our larger 180-capsule bottle. This way, you’ll be able to continue improving your energy levels without using harmful stimulants.
  • The normal price of the Alive and Well™ 180-capsule bottle is $89.95, so you’ll be saving $20.00 off the suggested retail price every month!
  • If you prefer not to have your Alive and Well™ shipped at this suggested 30-day delivery schedule, you can simply call or email us to change your shipping schedule.
  • You easily cancel anytime (with zero hassle) and order on an “as needed” basis, but without your Preferred Customer $20.00 discount per 180-capsule bottle.
  • Your order will be fulfilled by the dedicated team at Healthy Way. We take great care of our customers.
  • The special introductory $19.95 Trial Pack price is for first-time purchases only.

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Are you the kind of person
who takes action?

Energetic Middle-Aged Man

It’s sad when people have an opportunity, know what to do, but don’t take action.

You’ve learned that Alive and Well™ naturally provides ENERGY, assists in normal adrenal gland function, helps preserve sound immune system activity, aids in the management of occasional stress, and helps better sleep quality (1).

Is now the time for you to gain peace of mind from knowing that you’re giving your body the support it needs?

Order by Phone
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(1) This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.